Welcome to the AyyeDees

"Hip is the Knowledge, Hop is the Movement. Hip and Hop is Intelligent movement"

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We started AyyeDeesMM sometime in 2013 but our roots as a team go back to high school. After graduating and going our separate ways for a couple years, Duby, Mac, and SäN got together on the first day of summer in 2012, made a song called Never Seen, and the rest is history. After attending and performing at shows all over Cleveland and and traveling to different Hip-Hop events all over the east coast we began to see a void in the Cleveland Hip-Hop scene. The fun was gone, the love wasn't there, the culture was missing... The rappers were cool but the vibes were WACK! So AyyeDeesMM stepped up and decided to do something about it...

Hip-Hop is about Peace, Love, Unity, Having Fun, and most importantly Knowledge. Our goal is to represent the Hip-Hop culture in new and fresh ways in a city with a rich musical history. In the beginning AyyeDeesMM
( EightiesMM ) was just a way for us to identify ourselves, but as we learned more about and Hip-Hop we saw that AyyeDeesMM could take on a much bigger meaning. Each of us as individuals represent one of the four original discilpines of Hip-Hop. MC-ing , DJ-ing, BBoy-ing, and Graffiti art. Hip-Hop is a wide ranging and diverse culture that touches people across the world, and has influenced popular culture for decades. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and spread good vibes through Hip-Hop, and contribute to, and strengthen the Hip-Hop community here in Cleveland and beyond. Hip-Hop isn't just music, or a style, it's a way of being.

Peace & Love,