Sammy Mac

Samuel McIntosh teaches dance and choreography at Karamu House, specializing in Hip-Hop dance and the genre known as “Popping.” Samuel graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business of the Arts, a major he created before the Arts Management major was in place. He completed an independent study project for the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC), focused on the impact of Arts and Culture on youth and public safety, and later accepted a full-time position at CPAC to continue that work. Samuel also taught dance for the Rainey Institute, serving as the outreach hip-hop instructor. Samuel has been featured in many productions with Spotlight Theatre Company; interned with Karamu House, assisting with choreography under Sabrina Gregory-Taylor; and worked and trained with Inlet Dance Theatre under Bill Wade.

In addition to his work at Karamu, Samuel travels among New York, Chicago, and various locations in Ohio training and teaching within the genre of Popping and other dance styles. He co-owns and manages AyyeDeesMM, a Hip-Hop collective that performs and collaborates with local and national artists. He is an educator and motivator eager to use his gift for the community.